Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Comic Book That Ended The Iraq War! Finally in a convenient 200-page paperback from IMAGE COMICS! This is your first opportunity to read the entire story in one sitting without having to wait months between chapters. Digitally remastered to showcase some of Baker's most detailed labor-intensive artwork in years! The individual issues have long been sold out, and now's your chance to find out why! Don't miss it!

You can read the opening chapters online for free! Then, run out to your local comic shop and grab your own copy!


Saturday, May 09, 2009


Art from my upcoming Harper/Collins graphic novel, "BAM! The 44th President". I just turned it in this week to my editor. I had a great time doing the book. The president's life story is truly inspirational, and through my research I came to understand that it's his positive attitude that makes him successful. Most people who grow up surrounded by poverty with no father let the experience make them cynical and pessimistic. This crazy guy saw no good reason to believe his past was anything but past. I realize now that if a guy like him could make it through Harvard and become president, I can attain any goal I focus on with faith.

I read both of his books, and even though this guy encountered many things folks would view as obstacles, he doesn't write a single complaint. By contrast, I read a long interview I gave for a recent book called Modern Masters, and I must have used the word "problem" on every page at least twice! I mean, I'm living my dream job, the title of the book I'm interviewed in is called "Modern Masters," a real compliment to be sure, and all I do is complain for a hundred pages! Wow! The illustrations in Modern Masters are great, by the way. The editors picked some fantastic illustrations from the last 25 years.

But I digress. This Obama story inspired me to clean up my attitude. From now on, I'm staying positive! I have no complaints!

Here's another illustration from the book. Enjoy!