Saturday, July 28, 2007

PRECIOUS MEMORIES: The Bakers Cartoon Podcast

Based on a story from THE BAKERS comic book #1.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How To Make Art

Anybody out there who wants to learn how to be a world famous artist, check out Overton Loyd's blog.
It's got some amazing step-by-step photos showing his creative process. I was enjoying photos of O's recent gallery event, when I suddenly said to myself, "Hold up. He colored his cartoon BEFORE drawing it!"
Everybody I know (me included) does a ruff sketch first, then a finished line drawing, THEN the color. The first rule of art: There are no rules.
That man is deep! He e-mails me Heidegger philosophy podcasts:
"Do a search in itunes and download this free file: Andrew Mitchell on the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger". He bites Velasquez and gives you an art lesson.
If you want to be an artist, Visit O's Blog!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kyle and Lillian at Comicmix

Don't miss Martha Thomases and Lillian Baker's review of RATATOUILLE
as well as Martha's interview with Kyle and Lillian


Peter Kuper's brilliant STOP FORGETTING TO REMEMBER (Crown) is out.

Kyle Baker is looking forward to attending the July 13 release party at ROCKETSHIP.

"A Peter Kuper picture truly being worth thousands of words, any attempt to do justice to his work in a paragraph would be worth not one stroke of his magical pen! Peter turns people into dragons, dreidels, bunnies, and worms even in scenes where he isn't on toxic dosages of mind-bending drugs. Plus, Kuper also practices the grand cartoonists' tradition of drawing one's self scr**ing hot broads. And there's a cute baby in there for the kids. Get this book, everyone, and enjoy it!"
-Kyle Baker, Cartooner

For US tour info click here

NYC events:

On July 11 (7pm )
Peter Kuper and Kevin Pyle will be doing powerpoint presentations and signing their new graphic novels Stop Forgetting To Remember and Blind Spot
at The Strand Broadway and 12th st

July 12th: 3pm
Peter Kuper will be doing a reading/art demonstration for his children's book Theo and The Blue Note at Calypso 407 Broome, which is between Grand St. and Kenmare Street, NYC.

July 13: 8:00PM – 10:00PM
Peter Kuper and Kevin Pyle will having the official release party and art show for their new graphic novels Stop Forgetting To Remember and Blind Spot at ROCKETSHIP located in Brooklyn, in lovely Cobble Hill.

July 22nd: 7:00PM
Peter Kuper and Kevin Pyle will be doing powerpoint presentations including Kuper's work from Oaxaca, Mexico, Kuper in Oaxaca and signing their new graphic novels Stop Forgetting To Remember and Blind Spot at Bluestockings located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington one block south of Houston and 1st Avenue. NYC

More Psychedelic GIF animation

Last week's most popular feature was undoubtedly the Dinosaur animated GIF. In response to overwhelming demand, here are some more, which are too large and disturbing for me to display:
The big ones take a while to come on, but WOW, man! Well worth the wait!
Any of these will make a spectacular MySpace comment. You will be instantly talked about. Trust Me.
Here are the embed codes. Now get out there and blow some minds!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

Dinosaur Animated GIF

The Greatest Cartoonist Of All Time!
Animated GIF. Send it to a friend! Download it to your desktop! I use it as a MySpace comment.

EMBED CODE - Cut and Paste the code at right to add this GIF to your web page or blog <a href=""><img src="" width="550" height="400" style="border:0" alt="The Greatest Cartoonist Of All Time!"/></a>

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Or is it other way around? Looks like cool COREY D at likes to spit water out of his nose! He's lent his voice to the growing chorus of PLASTIC MAN fans!

Thanks to Liz for sending him those books!

Hey, kids! Keep sending those letters to DC asking for the third PLASTIC MAN paperback!