Monday, January 29, 2007

ACT•I•VATE First Anniversary Party February 1

Cool NYC event:

Celebrate online comics ACT-I-VATE's first anniversary this Thursday: drink free from 6 to 7 pm; then party all night!

Check out ACT-I-VATE's Live Journal for details.

Part 2 of DRAW Interview

The January issue of Mike Manley's DRAW Magazine (with Alex Horley on cover) has the second half of the Kyle Baker interview.

From Mark Mayerson's excellent animation blog:

"The new issue of Draw is out and it contains part 2 of an interview with cartoonist Kyle Baker. Baker is one of the more entrepreneurial creators out there, self publishing work like The Bakers and he's in progress on a graphic novel based on Nat Turner.

Interviews with Baker are always worth reading for his take on the artist's relationship to the marketplace. Here's a great quote from Draw:"

Read the quote and comments here

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kyle in NY Comic Con Video

Check out this
hilarious video "It's Bigger!" promoting the 2007 NYCC

Thank you to Nina Davenport, as well as Neal, Marilyn and everyone at Continuity Studios

p.s. Kyle will be at booth #953 at NYCC with 8 year old daughter Lillian, who will also be selling her comics. Stop by and say hello...

Up, Up and Away Panel Discussion January 27th


Up, Up, And Away
Interpreted Comics and Graphic Novels
January 14-February 10, 2007

Kyle Baker
Jonn Alex Gonzalez
Joshua Peters

Panel discussion:
Exhibition artists and comic book aficionados Danny Simmons, Brian Tate and Ray Weisfeld will discuss the work on view.

Saturday 27th of January, 4:00-5:00

Gallery hours:
Friday and Saturday noon-6 pm or by appointment
at the Danny Simmons Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Also, here is a review of the show in the BROOKLYN PAPER.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Up, Up and Away" Opening

The "Up, Up and Away" opening at Danny Simmons Corridor Gallery was a great success! We'd like to thank everyone –NEARLY 400 VISITORS! – who came to the opening.

We would also like to thank everyone at Corridor – Danny Simmons, Nina Ziefvert, Sameeh Alderazi, and Meridith McNeal – for all their hard work.

And thank you to the band, Songhai Djeli featuring Atiba Kwabena, for the wonderful music.

It was a pleasure to meet the other artists in the show, the incredibly talented Joshua Peters and Jonn Alex Gonzalez. Their art is amazing.

Feel like you missed out? Well, it is not too late! The show will remain on view until February 10, and there will be a panel discussion with the three artists on January 27 from 4 to 5 pm.

For more info:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gallery Show Of Original Artwork By Kyle opens Jan 14

If you'd like to see the original drawings which were used to produce the graphic novel NAT TURNER, come by the Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn this weekend. Kyle will be there too! Click here for more info.