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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Deadpool images.

From Deadpool MAX #1. SPOILER ALERT! Deadpool kills a bunch of people.


Mike-2099 said...

Dear Mr. Lapham,

I have read Deadpool MAX#1 a few minutes ago - It was great, but I'm very upset about this version of Bob.

And I just don't get it - what's wrong with him? Why he was agree to suck Bruno's d..ck and offer his as..hole to f..ck? Is he gay or he did it for job?

Kyle Baker said...

First, I'm not Mister Lapham, I'm the other guy.

To answer your question, though, Bob was an undercover agent pretending to be part of Hammerhead's gang. Sometimes undercover agents are forced to do things they don't like to avoid detection. Undercover narcotics officers sometimes take drugs. Spies often have sex to get information.

Also, Deadpool is a comedy series, and Dave and I thought it would be funny to have Bob sleep with a gangster and also to use his own bowel movement to duplicate a key. My favorite joke is the picture that yakuza tattoo on their penises. I also like the funny scene in the ventilation shaft.

Mikhail said...

Ups! Sorry, I know that you are Mr. Baker (I just was thought about Mr. Lapham when I writ my question).

Yes, cliche-poop to duplicate a key and yakuza tattoo on their penises was fanny - I rely like this part. Also I am like part when Bob says that he used to be agent of the Hydra. And most of all part when Hammerhead smash head of this f..cken fa..got Bruno into bloody mess.
But when I read part when Bob (one of mine favorite Marvel characters) was raped I was feel so angry and disappointed. And I fell so sorry for him :(

Hope in the future issues he will be more happier.

Plus, why Deadpool still wearing this ridiculous red costume like in Earth-616. I think that in more serious Marvel-MAX universe he must wear something more serious like black suit, cloak and black mask.

But this just my point of view.

Thank you

PS: sorry for my grammatical errors, I am from Russia.