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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Holy Crap! The NEW YORK TIMES gets KB!

"Kyle Baker’s graphic novel SPECIAL FORCES (Image, paper, $16.99) reads at first like a nearly straightforward military fantasy, drawn with a peculiar hybrid of hyper­realistic precision and nutty exaggeration. Eventually, though, Baker bares his fangs: the book is the harshest, most serrated satire of the Iraq war yet published. These forces are “special” as in “Mama says I’m special” — the unstop­pable American soldier Zone is severely autistic, which is why he’s so good at following orders. And the story’s plot, it gradually becomes clear, proceeds from the premise that every lie the Bush administration told about the war was true. So terrorists declare, “We hate your freedom”; felons forced into military service become brave tactical geniuses who wouldn’t dream of hurting children; and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction are not only real but concealed in an oil refinery, where Americans would never think to look because of course the war wasn’t about oil."DOUGLAS WOLK, THE NEW YORK TIMES

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