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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Coming Soon


Mathieu Doublet said...

Looks great ! :)

Torsten Adair said...

And the ever versatile Kyle Baker creates another style!


What is this comic about and when does it come out??? It looks awesome!


What is this comic about and when does it come out? It looks awesome!!!

Kyle Baker said...

It's about the world's greatest violin-playing detective, Charlotte Holmes, and her friend and biographer Dr. Watson. They live at 221b Doyle street (get it?) in NY, above their landlady, Mrs. Hudson (wearing curlers). The episode depicted is "The Essex Street Vampire," in which Holmes is hired by a man who suspects his wife of Vampirism when he catches her at their infant's side with blood running from her mouth!

Naturally, since this is a Kyle book, it has lots of action, too. This episode hase fights at a Goth club. That's where the bald brute comes in.

Not much romance, since Holmes has no need for such silly non-intellectual distractions. Watson will occasionally date, but the guy always turns out to be a villain. Charlotte does have a fascination with the only man who's ever outwitted her and escaped, as we'll see in the second chapter, "Scandal in Bohemia."

I've given Holmes some really original catch phrases; "Elementary, Watson." "The game is afoot!" You'll be hearing all the cool kids saying that soon. I don't know how I come up with this stuff.

Other stories include "Man With The Twisted Lip," and "The Speckled Band".

Do you have any favorite Arthur Conan Doyle stories you'd like to see adapted?

Kyle Baker said...

Oh, It comes out this summer. I haven't finished it yet.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love the look.

And I'd vote for an adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles. The Sign of Four also has possibilities, substituting the Hudson for the Thames.

Who's publishing this?

Kyle Baker said...

You're right! Those are both wonderful stories. I'm constantly amazed at how well the characters hold up after all this time.

As far as publishers, I've committed to never soliciting a book until it's already finished. The last time I solicited a book before the work was completed, it ended up being delayed two years. So I didn't solicit the "Special Forces" paperback until I'd finished the story in issue 4, so I knew the paperback would be on time.

The Holmes book will be done before the Robert Downey Holmes movie, which I hope to capitalize on. I'll announce the official release soon.

Thanks for your interest!

Jeff Lancaster said...

I love the idea, Kyle! I'm a big fan of Holmes... I also dig Vincent D'Nofrio's Rober Goren character on Law&Order:Criminal Intent, who is surely inspired by the super genius detective.

I can't recall the episdoe's name, but the one where Watson tries to invest in a teleportation machine and it's Watson's worriying wife who saves the day when Holmes and his partner a sealed in a deathtrap. Since YOUR Watson isn't married and her boyfriends end up as villains, maybe it could ironically turn out that her STALKER saves the day by alerting police when he sees her in trouble. Just an idea, I'm sure yours will be better...

I look forward to it even more than I did Special Forces! - (which I loved, natch).

Bully said...

This looks incredible (and fun!) Can't wait!