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Thursday, January 08, 2009

We Found 'Em!

Felony battles the notorious Desert Wolf among the Weapons Of Mass Destruction!This will be published as a double page spread in the book, so you really have to see it big to appreciate it. CLICK TO ENLARGE See them fighting on the catwalk?
This one's a full-pager too, so CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Boy, that was lot of work and research. No wonder the book's so late.


Anonymous said...


Cuthbert Twillie said...

I love how you manage to silhouette those tiny figures by putting a white rocket behind the black character and a black rocket behind the white character. I'm sure it will look amazing blown up as a double-page spread.

Kyle Baker said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. The figures won't get so lost after I add the captions. They'll lead your eye to the focal point. Right now it's like "Where's Waldo".

overvision said...

Love the worms eye!

Jeff Lancaster said...

I hope all your research didn't get you red flagged! You know, getting noticed while trolling the internet looking up bombs and missiles and WMDs... who knows what sends out the warning signals to SKYNET. The library isn't safe either, as "they" can demand customer check out lists without a warrant...

And they supposedly hate our freedom. ;)