Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Read I DIE AT MIDNIGHT for free!

One of my favorite stories, I DIE AT MIDNIGHT was originally published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint in 2000. It's a romantic comedy about a man who has taken poison which will kill him by midnight. Will he find the cure in time?
This was the second book of mine to use 3d graphics, and my first to use art drawn entirely on the computer. Since the technology has advanced considerably in the last nine years since the book's debut, I've redrawn some of the pages for the new version.
Click here to enjoy your complimentary edition of I DIE AT MIDNIGHT!


Meesimo said...

Still holds up!!
A wonderfully fun reading experience, with some of my favorite sequences. Reads like a classic Warners' style cartoon, that they only could have dreamed of making. And can't beat that price, cheers!

Amanita Minute said...

Thanks. I'm working with a director on adapting the story for film now, so I'm glad you think it's like a movie.

LOOKA said...

I'm really glad it's back!

Stephen said...

Still one of my favourite Kyle Baker productions! This is usually the book that I give to a novice comics reader when I want to give them a taste of your work.