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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coming Soon From Harper Collins!

My publisher told me to stop work on my Toussaint biography and make a comic about our new president. We know there are already Obama comics out there, but trust us. This book will be a totally different take on the material. This is just a quick rough sketch. I'm still working out the story.

More on this as it develops.


OptimusPrime said...

Still writing the story? You should have him fight a robot.

houseofduck said...

Fight a robot? Wasn't that the November issue?

punchy knucklehead said...

But you haven't answered the most important question, namely....is it canon?

Tim Stoltzfus said...

I've sold both Truth and Nat Turner well at my store here in Lancaster, Texas, just south of Dallas, which has a very high concentration of African-American residents, and this book is the best news I've seen all week. I cannot wait to see it and introduce my customers to it, too!

Kyle Baker said...

Thanks. I'm grateful to have finally found my niche.

If anyone had told me as a child that both Captain America and the President would be Black some day in my lifetime, I wouldn't have believed them. This really is a land of opportunity.

Henry Chamberlain said...

Your book will definitely be something special. I have my own ideas on a book about Obama. I wish you the best!

miriam beetle said...

wow! exciting!

& i hope you don't mean "found your niche" as in you're being pigeonholed. i love your dramas, comedies, fiction *and* nonfiction. i hope you keep doing everything.

Kyle Baker said...

Well, considering how much trouble I had trying to put Black characters into comics twenty years ago, the last few years have definitely been an improvement.

Kyle Baker said...

Hey, Miriam! speaking of typecasting, I'm halfway thru reading your "Jobnik". Such Drama! It's like an army comic soap opera. I'll give it to my wife when I'm done reading. It's exactly the kind of book she really enjoys.

Derrick Fish said...

Ooh, that's a nice preview illustration and I can't wait to hear more about this project.

I personally dig how you put the President and First Lady so tightly together. It's excellent to see two people like that that really show affection for each other.


What do you mean by a "different take?" You're not going to show his dark side or dish the dirt like those cheesy unauthorized biographies are you???

correva lucca 2001 said...

Hey Kyle,

you should do a comic on our President here in Italy, Mr Silvio Berlusconi.
Thaaat would sell very well (and the guy is just an endless source if you know what I mean... check this out