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Monday, December 29, 2008

Kanye West Bites Bakshi.

I didn't make this cartoon, but Hype Williams has copied my favorite Ralph Bakshi movie, "American Pop" shot-for-shot. Hilarious! If you have a copy of the Bakshi film, compare them. Great job!


Tony said...

Look on the bright side, at least he has good taste...

vhpayes said...

They steal music, why not steal art too?

Rusty said...

Did you see the "Warhol's" in the background? The Cambell's Soup Cans? Are they there in the original "American Pop"? Did Warhol steal his painting from Campbell's? Warhol's "art" was, in part, a commentary on what is original, artistic expression and whether there can be such a thing.

Nearly any work of art is built on and informed by the art and artists that have come before. If an art work isn't part of the larger "conversation" with ART ITSELF, is it "art"? Can you have art without the intention of communication? And if you are communicating through art, who are you communicating with? Can you have communication without dialog? And can you truly have a dialog without some amount of foundational mimicking, echo or copying? If there is no context, there is no communication.

Is this a swipe, an homage and/or a commentary on originality? Am I just a pseudo-intellectual wanker?

Kyle Baker said...

Thanks for the comments. I always imitate styles I like, too. I draw SPECIAL FORCES to look like a Harvey Kurtzman war comic. I imitated Jack Kirby's style for CAPTAIN AMERICA, and I've been imitating Ralph Bakshi for years. Anyone who can imitate a great cartoonist like RB is okay with me.

There were nods to Warhol in Bakshi's film. He changed the art and music styles throughout the movies to represent changing time periods.

Kanye West uses lots of great animation in his videos. I saw one by Bill Plympton, and one by a Japanese artist who I think is named Murakami.

We all swipe stuff. Everyone should swipe Bakshi.