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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bolt Review

Martha Thomases reviewed Bolt with Lillian and first-time-reviewer Jackie!
Read it here!


Inazuma Tiger said...


A question for you: on a recent Disney art blog, I saw some concept art for Bolt.

There was a picture in particular with Bolt hanging out the window of a train (I think). Anyway, to my eye, it seemed to have your trademark coloring and drawing style on it.It was either you or somebody doing a damn good job copying you.

So did you do that or any work on Bolt at all or am I mistaken?

Kyle Baker said...

I didn't work on it. The only recent Disney work I've done is on the Phineas and Ferb TV show. I have lots of friends at Disney and we all steal each others' good ideas, which is why we all draw alike. I'm looking forward to seeing Bolt someday, maybe on DVD.
I've been busy working on my own animated projects for Hollywood lately, so the next time you see something on TV that looks like mine,it probably is.

Inazuma Tiger said...

Cool, I stand corrected. Looking forward to your new projects as always.