Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2008

It was cool to meet Isaiah Bradley, AKA Black Cap, a character I co-created with Bob Morales for Marvel.
I also met my old buddy Plastic Man. My son Isaac is a Lego fiend, so I thought he'd enjoy seeing Batman, Indy, and Star Wars six-foot tall figures made of Legos.

My favorite moment, though, has to be when I sat down at the Watson-Guptill booth for my second signing of HOW TO DRAW STUPID.
"I've got bad news, Kyle," said one of the editors, looking perturbed.
"Damn, what's wrong?"
"We sold out of your book."
"What's the bad news?" I laughed. I sat down and autographed other books and did sketches for fans who showed up anyway.
I'm a lucky guy.

My pal Jeff posted a lot of neat photos as well! See them at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/royalflushmagazine/2715805266/in/set-72157606443845246

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Video: How To Draw Stupid

The World's Greatest Cartoonist shares his trade secrets with you. Excerpt from the new book in stores now.Download HOW TO DRAW STUPID in ipod format

Monday, July 07, 2008


HALLELUJAH! The celebrated comic book series is finally collected under one cover! This historically accurate biography of the legendary freedom fighter is ideal for classroom and library use. This edition features new added sepia tones, and new forward by the author.

“A hauntingly beautiful historical spotlight. A-” —Entertainment Weekly

“Baker’s storytelling is magnificent.” —Variety

“Intricately expressive faces and trenchant dramatic pacing evoke the diabolic slave trade’s real horrors.” —The Washington Post

“Baker’s drawings are worthy of a critic’s attention.”—Los Angeles Times

“Baker’s suspenseful and violent work documents the slave trade’s atrocities as no textbook can, with an emotional power approaching that of Maus.”—Library Journal, starred review