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Friday, February 22, 2008

KB illustrates feature in BUSINESSWEEK

Anyone following recent business news probably needs cheering up. Maybe that's why the new BUSINESSWEEK magazine features three awesome illustrations by our own comic-book hero, Kyle Baker! Unlike the rest of the country, employment is UP at the Baker studio!


Craig Zablo said...

[Unlike the rest of the country, employment is UP at the Baker studio!]

THAT speaks volumes about Kyle's talent. Thank you for continuing to share it with us on this blog!

Rob Smith, Jr. said...

It would be teee-rific to start seeing cartoonists gracing the pages of the periodicals today! I know BusinessWeek has done this a bit in the past. I hope they continue and we might see more Kyle Baker on the pages. Wouldn't it be dynamite to see another Jack Davis T.V. Guide cover!!!??!!!!

Anonymous said...

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