Saturday, December 29, 2007

Variant Edition's Book of the Week: SPECIAL FORCES #2

Variant Edition, the weekly video podcast covering comic book news, reviews and culture, selected SPECIAL FORCES #2 as "The Book of the Week."

Here is the link to the podcast

"Hi I'm Eddie and this week's book of the week: Kyle Baker's SPECIAL FORCES #2. Baker is no stranger to comics based on true stories but I think SPECIAL FORCES may be his most mainstream and approachable work. It's set in the Iraq war but because it's based on a true story of an autistic man being recruited in the army Baker's views on the war pack a punch. The story is both darkly amusing and macabre while the art is expressive and explosive. This is a brutal war that we don't see every week on CNN and Fox News. Whatever your take on politics is, war is hell, and SPECIAL FORCES isn't afraid to show it."

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