Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Liz's post on The Beat

Heidi sure knows how to get people all worked up, but she is no puppy-killer

Here are Liz's comments:

Ask yourself: Which of these books (remember: graphic novels are books) will people still be reading 100 or 500 years from now? Look at history: Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens. Their books were not only masterpieces, they were entertaining.

Also: does it not matter that the comic book creator can draw? I am amazed that these “Best” lists consistently include mediocre artists telling uninteresting stories.

They should get ME to edit a “BEST OF” book! Ha! There you go! Problem solved. Title: THE TRULY BEST AMERICAN COMICS EDITED BY A MOTHER WITH FOUR CHILDREN UNDER AGE NINE.

Forget “Calgon take me away”…if I am going to read a graphic novel or comic, not only do the pictures have to be nice to look at, but it better make me laugh or profoundly move me in some way. Otherwise, as my children say: “BOOOOOOOOOORRRINNNGGG!”

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