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Monday, September 24, 2007

SPECIAL FORCES #1 is finally finished!

Who could have predicted that a story about the Iraq war would become an overlong, overbudget quagmire with no end in sight? Well, the first issue is finally finished and delivered to the publisher, Image Comics! I took a little extra time on it, because I wanted it to be my best comic ever, and it is! Chock full of fights, explosions, and babes! Also, every page is packed with lots of tiny details and lines! Look at all the detail and realism! It's not cartoony at all! This high level of quality takes time! But you fans are worth the extra effort it's taking me, because I love you all. It should go to the printer this week, and then I'm sure Image will announce a release date. Look for it in a couple of weeks at your store, and buy it!
Here's a link to all the art I've posted so far.

I'm finishing the new BAKERS color hardcover BABIES & KITTENS today as well, so that'll be available in store and through this website, too.


Craig Zablo said...

I've pre-ordered the series and can't wait to see what you've cooked up...

Please consider the You Are Here sequel for a future [soon] project!

Martha Thomases said...

Yay! Make sure Keith Olberman gets one (although you should probably spell his name correctly when you send it)

Free movies guy said...

Looks cool. BTW very nice detail on
The top half

Ogthorr The Ribald said...

How come you don't draw in that style any more?