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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kyle Baker in the News...

Many of these links are being posted late. We've been a bit distracted at kylebaker.com recently (see contents of bouncy seat above).

For those of you in the Baltimore area:

Kyle Baker is slated to appear on Fox News Channel 45 between eight and nine a.m. on Friday September 7 to promote the Baltimore Con, as well as the Harvey Awards (which Kyle will be hosting for the second year in a row).

Be sure to visit Kyle at his table during the Baltimore Con. Lillian Baker will be selling her minicomic/legal comedy DRAMA A LA COCOA (Saturday afternoon only).


You're in the army now
Cartoonist Kyle Baker teams up with Berkeley's Image Comics for Special Forces, a tale of misfits at war

Kyle Baker on Special Forces and More
by Zack Smith

"Whether it’s his hilarious observations on family life in The Bakers, the wild satire of such graphic novels as Why I Hate Saturn, The Cowboy Wally Show, or his dark look at slavery in Nat Turner, Kyle Baker has constantly proven to be one of comics’ most diverse and idosyncratic talents. Now, the multiple Eisner-winner will take on the U.S. military in Image Comics’ new miniseries Special Forces, about an autistic boy recruited by the Army....a tale that’s based on an unfortunately true story.

A casual chat with the multitalented Baker soon proved as entertaining as his comics, as he covered everything from his decision to go with Image after years of self-publishing, the problems he faced writing and illustrating DC’s award-winning Plastic Man series, and where you might soon find The Bakers in animated form. With opinions on everything from the comics industry to the animation industry to the state of American newspapers, it’s easy to see why Kyle Baker is one of the busiest men in comics."

"Kyle Baker Goes to War"
by Will Moss
"In the spring of 2006, many Americans were surprised to find the U.S. Army had recruited an 18-year-old boy with autism. As usual, cartoonist Kyle Baker quickly saw the humor in the situation. The Eisner award-winning cartoonist—who’s done everything from romantic comedies (You Are Here) and superheroes (Plastic Man) to historical epics (Nat Turner), crime (The Shadow) and family life (The Bakers)—used that story as the basis of a new satirical miniseries on the Iraq war called Special Forces. Starting this month from Image Comics, the six-issue series follows an autistic recruit and a batch of other misfits from basic training to the battlefield. “In the end, [the real-life autistic kid] didn’t have to go to war,” Baker said with a chuckle. “But in my story, he goes.”

In an interview with PWCW, Baker, father of a brand new baby girl, discusses America’s interest, or lack of interest, in the Iraq war, and the war comics of his idol, legendary EC Comics and Mad magazine editor Harvey Kurtzman."

Kyle Baker was featured in the THE ARTIST WITHIN by Greg Preston (Dark Horse Comics)
"The culmination of more than fifteen years of photography by renowned photographer Greg Preston, this book is a living history of the men and women who have shaped the imaginations of countless millions of people around the world through their work in the fields of animated cartoons, comic books, comic strips, and editorial cartooning."

The first print issue of THE COMIC FOUNDRY featured Kyle Baker

The Greatest Cartoonist Of All Time
By Joakim Gunnarsson
My vote goes to Kyle Baker. I've read a lot of his graphic novels and his cartoon collections, but it was a while ago. But I just found his website and was reminded of how great this guy is. And he can draw like the devil. ...

Comics in the Classroom reviewed THE BAKERS: DO THESE TOYS BELONG SOMEWHERE?
"A review of the most dangerous book on the shelves today!"
by Scott Tingley

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