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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Phil Lamarr wins a no-prize!

My recent contribution to Will Eisner's SPIRIT comic (#7) got a huge positive response from fans via e-mails, blogs, and Myspace comments. Most folks acknowledged my loving tribute to Eisner's "noir" style of inking, and his Citizen-Kane inspired layouts. Many people pointed out my nods to Frank Miller, who's directing the upcoming SPIRIT film, and is hugely influenced by Eisner's techniques.
Out of the dozens of responses I've received, however, Phil Lamarr is the first person to point out that the villain in the story was inspired by Naomi Campbell. Apparently, Phil and I are the only two comic fans on earth who read the gossip columns.
So here's the thing: If my audience consists of people who know Frank and Will, but not Naomi, do I need to explain who Phil is?

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Elayne said...

Cool, I didn't know Phil Lamarr was a comics fan...