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Monday, July 02, 2007

Dinosaur Animated GIF

The Greatest Cartoonist Of All Time!
Animated GIF. Send it to a friend! Download it to your desktop! I use it as a MySpace comment.

EMBED CODE - Cut and Paste the code at right to add this GIF to your web page or blog <a href="http://www.qualityjollity.com/"><img src="http://kylebaker.com/www/images/dinoloop.gif" width="550" height="400" style="border:0" alt="The Greatest Cartoonist Of All Time!"/></a>


Scott Bieser said...

Congratulations! You've invented stoner fly-paper.

Kyle Baker said...

That's funny!

Kyle Baker said...

It's sticky icky.

Dan Coyle said...

Wait, is that supposed to be Lil' D from Class of 3000?

Kyle Baker said...

Yeah. It's a shot that never made it in. For my first pass at the "Banana Zoo" video, I did a lot of weird animation. None of it was used, and I ended up storyboarding an all-new version of the video, which is what aired.

Would anyone like to see the other unused shots?

Dan Coyle said...

Hey, I had no idea you were working on that show. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of that.

oh, and I think that image is perfect for a YTMND.



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