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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grim Dark Depressing Superheroes plus Cheesecake.

Here's some classic material I found online. From PLASTIC MAN #20.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thats great. I missed that when it came out.

Now I want to buy that! I hope it is collected...

Anonymous said...

Ack! Its not!


Damn DC. Damn them. I hate how they like politics get in the way of telling a good story. From dropping "The Boys", to Micha Wright's great "Citizen Solider" arc in Storm Watch not getting collected, to this.

Oh well, I will have to track down the issues. And I hate issues. I want something I can put on my book shelf...

Damn you DC.

Liz said...

Don't hate DC. You slept!

kylebaker said...


Anonymous said...

A monthly book does nothing for me. I want the collected works.

Sorry, but monthly books are in a lot of ways a waste for me. I have boxes of them that I got, read it once, and file away. But collected books I put on the book shelf and read over and over again.

Just like the format better, sorry. I tend not to buy much of anything monthly.

Kyle Baker said...

I like collected books better too. Because they cost more!

Some things I like in a permanent format.

I'm also a fan of cheap, impermanent formats, like downloads, stickers. t-shirts, comics and newspapers.

Other things I enjoy in hi-res super expensive collectible format like my Tales From The Crypt boxed set.

My favorite books to make are hardcovers. They last forever.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God yes, a good high quality print...

I know this is going to sound horrible but, I love the smell of the ink on DC Absolute formats. When you get that book and open it up, and the pages are so thick with it, you can fill the ink saturating the page. Not so much with the newer Absolutes as I think the quality has gotten somewhat cheaper, but the first few they did are sublime.

Its amazing the crap I will buy if it is printed well. Makes it so much better when it is a good story.

Dark Horse's archive line is printed well too. Good cloth stiching on the spine, etc.

I am not a snob on that thought. Some titles work better in different formats. Like, the Nat Turner books were perfect in that size. A simpler format like that makes the title feel more approachable.

I am a huge geek on books and print quality though. It can be such a rare thing to get a high quality print of something that you have to reconize it when you get one.

Spines too. Spines are such a part of the book, and some times they get ignored.

Ok, thats enough geeking out on that.

Really, I like the cheap monthly book format, like Fell etc. But I got sick of buying once for the story then again for a collected volume that I pretty much gave up on monthly books. I know that hurts the chances of it getting collected, etc etc. But really, Publishers need to work out new models of funding development of work as the old model is quickly going away.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but I thought it was cancelled due to horrible sales.

Sales were...rather horrible.

Kyle Baker said...

Gee, you think maybe I was joking?

Perhaps you should hang out with these folks:

I like your ellipses before "rather". Like you were thinking it up as you typed. And then after thinking about it you came up with repeating yourself. Well played!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I honestly have trouble with sarcasm. It's a social flaw. ^_^. Did I really repeat myself? Wow, I did.

Really, I wouldn't put it past Dan Didio to cancel a book because it was too "fun". As far as I'm concerned, he's the Anti-Monitor is disguise, and everyone else has been possesed by shadow demons. Yes, this is a geek reference.

Joe Rice said...

God, this was a great book and it ended on a high note.

If you ask me, Billy's still dead. Better dead than . . .whatever they're doing now. (Jeff Smith notwithstanding.)