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Friday, June 08, 2007


Click to enlarge.The new IMAGE COMICS series starts in AUGUST! Meet Felony, the new kid.From PREVIEWS:
art & cover KYLE BAKER

32 PAGES FC AUGUST 22 $2.99

GET READY TO RAQ! It’s Black Hawk Upside-Down!

EISNER award-winning Kyle Baker brings you SPECIAL FORCES the wackiest boot camp since “Stripes”! SPECIAL FORCES follows a small-town autistic teen from his recruitment, through basic training, and then off to war in Iraq. With violent felons, mental patients, a violent mental hot chick felon and at least one “Don’t ask don’t tell”, his unit is composed of the military’s last line of defense. The very last line!

What happens when desperate army recruiters fall below quota at the same time the President calls for additional troops? Find out in SPECIAL FORCES!

Inspired by a true 2006 incident in which an 18-year-old autistic Oregon boy was recruited into the army.


Anonymous said...

et tu Kyle?
Ultra violence is another nail in the coffin of comics.
You are better than this.

Kyle Baker said...

It's not really about violence.
It's about hot young people.

By the way, anonymous (clever nickname!), have you heard about this war we've been having?

Thomas L. Strickland said...

Everything I've read about "Army@Love" has done nothing to interest me.

However, these three or four images here? They have my attention. And this means only one thing:

I might have to buy an Image title. Damn it.

Anonymous said...

Did this come out already? I have it on my pull list but I still haven't got it. I'm really excited to read this comic!

Neal said...

A typical liberal poltroon you are, Baker. Shame on you (though I doubt you have the guts to feel shame).

Kyle Baker said...

It's a poltroon cartoon! Speaking of guts, Kneel, I mean Neal, note which one of us gave his full name. You, sir, are a poltroon, a buffoon, and a baboon.

Chris Schmidt said...

Hey, Kyle! Great replies. I don't understand where some people get off.
And since when has violence been a sign of "selling out"? I guess nudity and swearing are okay as long as, God forbid, there is no warfare. I enjoy what you do and support your right to express your views. I will also continue to buy your well crafted comics.

ooofest said...

You know those old Warner Bros cartoons where someone gets hit and slumps down a nearby wall with stars floating around their head?

The first issue of Special Forces felt like recovering from a gut punch . . . with an assortment of sexy bunnies and dismembered limbs doing the cha-cha around your noggin.

The juxtaposition of "fan service" and gruesome war reality not only kept the story both visually grounded and mobile, but I could easily read into the imagery and personal storylines any of various statements on the Iraq war.

There's no glamour in violence, yet we often can't resist looking. Further, Kyle tips the scales of curiosity and draws us in with both guns (cannons?) blazing.

I felt that it was an incredibly insightful set of facetious scenes, open to much personal interpretation and yet full of its own purpose. I've always enjoyed his work, but am amazed at his take on the Image comic style.

And, some of those who wanted this war - and who still do - act as if the fighting concept is sexy, in a way. Macho, brute, etc. Maybe that helps to ignore the real suffering, forget about consequences for ideological reasons that have little to do with managing against reality in a practical and humane manner?

Here's some boobies and ass to distract you from worrying too much about the severed head from that decent fellow who just lost it. We shouldn't be thinking about this all happening so that the best-connected businesses can get an eventual play from Iraq's situation and resources. Might as well "enjoy" the ride, right? Well again, here's your boobies and ass.

Excellent stuff.

(I had posting probs - hope this comment is not duplicated)

emon xie said...

Art looks great as ever, sir!

Question, do you know when this will be compiled into a trade, and what extra goodies do you have planned for such event?

Long time fan,
ian christy

Porky D. said...

Man, enlisting autistic kids, how desperate is that?