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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Book Expo America

As always I had a great time at BEA. Folks loved NAT TURNER so much, the IMAGE COMICS booth ran out of books! Thanks to Colleen Doran for showing us all how to drive traffic! I took some A DISTANT SOIL books for my oldest girl, Lillian, but I started reading them, and now Lil's not getting them until I find out the ending! By the way, IMAGE's new line-up of books looks great! Allred, Doran, Kirkman, Shanower, Me... the list goes on.
Heidi "The Beat" McDonald has a bunch of fun photos. Heidi went to ALL the parties!
Liz and I had our first kid-free date in weeks! We even got bags of leftovers.
Thanks to everyone for everything, and we hope everyone we met enjoys their free books!


Martha Thomases said...

You were definitely the hot Image signing, Kyle. There were lines of people awaiting your arrival.

Kyle Baker said...

That's why I always show up late for signings. It looks better with a crowd.