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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Photos from Autism Awareness Day at Shea

Thank you to The Mets and everyone who joined us for Autism Awareness Day at Shea Stadium last Sunday! The sold-out game was a lot of fun: the weather was gorgeous and it was a really exciting game. The Mets might have lost to the Braves, but our group raised nearly $2000 in the fight against autism! Thanks again!
Photos courtesy of Harvey Glass (aka Grandpa).

Isaac gets a better look at the game. Torsten Adair is in background, on left.

Sarah Slobin, Eric Palma and their adorable daughter Isabel. To the left you can spot Arie Kaplan and his wife Nadine Graham, Joey Cavalieri...wife Connie was there, too...and Elin Wilder brought her family.

Glenn Hauman of comicmix.com ; his lovely wife Brandy was there, too!

Kyle with Lillian. To the left you can spot MAD Magazine writer Desmond Devlin.

"Don't take my picture, Grandpa!"
The field between innings (below).

The adults weren't the only ones having fun!


Martha Thomases said...


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Kyle & Liz: Thanks again for organizing this outing. My family and friends had a great time. I'm trying to get to the Kids' Comic Con tomorrow, if we can squeeze it in after Isaac's tee ball game.

Liz said...

Hi Guy, Thank you so much...can't believe how many friends you and your family have! I didn't see you at KCC, but I wasn't there the whole day. It was a lot of fun. Btw, I did a double take at the end of the Mets game: our Isaacs kind of resemble each other.