Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy 4/20

I was recently visiting my friends, Parliament/Funkadelic. I received valuable advice about my MySpace page, which is why it's better now. Here is some funk for y'all.
Overton Loyd.
Clip's Podcast!

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Trulio Disgracias
Starr Cullars
Weapon Of Choice


Johnny Bacardi said...

Thanks for the link to Overton Loyd's site! I remember looking for his art on the Web a couple of years ago, 'cause I loved it on those old Parliament album covers, and not finding much- good to see he's got some up now.

Overvision said...

Thanks J.B.

Good lookin' out.
Hopefully, I've resolved that issue by creating
Visit my BLOG when you get a chance and lemme know what's poppin'!