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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goodbye Arnold Drake

Our deepest sympathies to the Drake family.

From Liz Glass:
Mr. Drake was our neighbor. When I went to his Manhattan apartment to run an errand about two years ago, I was not familiar with his comic book work. His well-ordered duplex had books, photos, antiques, but nothing to give away his comic book reputation.

I had meant to just drop off something and then race to the next 15 errands, but he invited me in to chat. His apartment was decorated in the charming "1950's-First-Generation-in the-New-World" style. Every decoration/memento had a story! And like my grandparents always did for first-time visitors: the requisite living room tour. In all honesty, I really enjoyed it, which is why I am writing these words. He was a very sweet man.

He showed me some of his recent cartoons to get my reaction; he was going to send them to a magazine for seniors, I think.

His wife had recently passed away. Her absence was omnipresent but Mr. Drake clearly had not given up on the years left to him. He kept busy. His office - overflowing with stacks of paper and open filing cabinets - had a life of its own.

When I had heard Mr. Drake was in the hospital, I really did mean to send a card or flowers. But with three small children, I am just terribly busy.

I sincerely regret not doing so.

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Rachel Kadushin said...

I never got to get the living room tour, but I am assured that Mark Svennson has it on video tape. I meant to visit him in the hospital, the first time after he fell and injured his hip. I came bearing chinese chicken noodle soup. He'd been released and I went up to his apartment. His neighbhor let me in, and as Arnold enjoyed the soup, I enjoyed his company until later in the evening when his daughter came by. Then, I made sure to chat with him a few times at the NY Comic Con, which was just a few short days before he was found unconscious in his home. Never woke up. Missed his own birthday party. A very loving and loved man.