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Thursday, November 02, 2006


The plan was to march in a Halloween parade with friends, then a party and trick-or-treating in their building.

But the “parade” was actually a short stroll ending at a PACKED playground party. Like something from a BAKERS cartoon, all three children vanished into a sea of pumpkins, princesses and their pooped parents. My friend wisely brought her sitter, so an Eye Witness News disaster was averted.

There was free juice and donuts (in case children didn’t get enough sugar), as well as a podium and microphone. But instead of delightful Halloween tunes, we heard: “We have a four year old forest elf missing. Please, please, look around you: if you see a little girl covered in leaves...” or “Zoe, this is your mother. Come to the podium NOW.”

I forgot my cell phone, so when I heard “Would Elizabeth please come to the podium” I immediately grabbed my Dark Knight by the arm and went to investigate.


It was an Isaac-sized masked ninja: Ahh! Wrong kid! He wasn’t frightened, though, probably because I was wearing benevolent fuzzy bug antennas.

I found Isaac, got to the podium: Ahh! Wrong Elizabeth!

The party in my friend’s building was a blast: elaborate spooky decorations, eyeball punch, graveyard cake, finger-shaped finger cookies (in case children didn’t get enough sugar) and 12 floors of blissful trick-or-treating.

As Lillian (aka The Sugar Queen) said: “I should have dressed like an angel, because this is heaven.”

Thank you to our gracious hosts!


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