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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cool Stuff To Do in NYC...

If the sitter isn't evil, we plan on attending these events...

p.s. We had planned on taking Lillian to Raina Telgemeier and Abby Denson at Rocketship last Sunday, but unfortunately could not make it. Drats!

November 16
Women Comic Artists: influential comic artists discuss how women have contributed to the development of the comics medium, 6:30 pm

Leela Corman, Joan Hilty, Sabrina Jones and Trina Robbins at The Jewish Museum

p.s Thank you Christina at Dark Horse Comics for Trina and Anne Timmon's new GO GIRL. Lillian: "It was very good. My favorite story was when they get trapped in the computer. It was cool because they went Manga."

November 20
Scott McCloud will be at NYU at 7 pm, promoting MAKING COMICS. His website has more info about the book and the McCloud Family US tour!

We have REALLY enjoyed Scott and Ivy McCloud's young daughters Sky and Winter's Winterviews!

November 29
Comic Superheroes Live on the Silver Screen!
At 92Y at 7 pm
Arie Kaplan and Eddy Friedfeld
With no fewer than four movies featuring comic superheroes this past summer, it appears Hollywood has been taken over by men in capes and leotards. Looking
at clips from some recent movies, the fantastic duo of comics writer Arie Kaplan and entertainment journalist Eddy Friedfeld explain why comics have become the new American mythology.

Mad magazine contributor Arie Kaplan is the author of Masters of the Comic Book Universe Revealed! Eddy Friedfeld is the coauthor of Sid Caesar’s autobiography, Caesar’s Hours.


Elayne said...

Oh yay, I'm glad you're publicizing this stuff as well, Kyle! I don't think tonight's Women Comic Artists panel is getting nearly enough publicity. I hope attendance is okay given the predicted weather (we'll be schlepping down from the Bronx via the express bus which, fortunately, stops at Museum Row)...

Kyle Baker said...

I am sooo sorry we missed it. The weather was awful. How was it?

Anne said...

Saw your link from Heidi's blog. Thanks for the kudos, Kyle!