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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Kyle paid us a surprise visit this past weekend. While combing through the chaos...I mean, his office...he found his signed copy of Brian Fies' MOM'S CANCER which I have wanted to read. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Brian has a website www.momscancer.com and a blog momscancer.blogspot.com/

Lillian spied MOM'S CANCER and really wanted to read it. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate (she is 7) but know there is nothing keeping her from a graphic novel or comic book that she wants to read. It is like showing off a box of chocolates and not giving her one.

So I decided to read MOM'S CANCER with her so we could talk about it. If you have or have had cancer in your family, you really see yourselves in the story. The book's non-preachy anti-smoking message is powerful. If I taught health class to vulnerable youth, I would require this book to be read.

Favorite part: sibling superheros.

MOM'S CANCER, edited by the wonderful Charlie Kochman at Abrams, is up for a Quill Award October 10. Good luck!

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