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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Liz's Comments on Heidi's Blog


Regarding children and comics: Kyle just did a BART SIMPSON’S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR story (mentioned on our blog http://thebakersanimationcartoons.blogspot.com/), as did Terry Moore and Eric Powell. All three stories were hilarious.

Bongo is a wonderful publisher, and Kyle enjoyed working with them; he hopes to work with them again in the future.

These are just my comments as a parent:

Kyle’s story is in the middle of the comic, a family-friendly tale about fairies. The other two stories, particularly the last one, are not family-friendly. But it is a “horror” comic, so there you go.

But to my mind, this TREEHOUSE comic symbolizes the challenges parents face as they navigate their local comic shop (if there is one): you have to bypass a lot of inappropriate material to find the kiddie section (if there is one). Really, why bother? Our family shops at the local comic book store (we love them!), but none of my “mommy-friends” do.

I do know moms who shop at Walmart, K-Mart, Target. Imagine if these stores had an extensive quality comics/graphic novel section for young readers? Books like ARCHIE, THE BAKERS (shameless plug, sorry), BONE, OWLY, Scholastic, etc. as well as superheroes?

I can dream, can’t I?

p.s. Heidi: we love your blog!

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Jim Salicrup said...

But, Liz, our local K-Mart DOES carry Archie Digests, Bone, Disney Adventures, Disney's Comics Zone, Nickelodeon Magazine, and more. I agree it would be nice if they also carried The Bakers, as well as the Papercutz Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Totally Spies graphic novels. We're working on it -- it's not so far-fetched anymore!